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“Wushu Shaolin Entertainment offers lessons, training, online course, and produces live shows for private corporate events. Shows include Dragon Dance, Lion Dance, and Chinese Artistry. Please make an appointment to train with us, or to book a show, give us a call today.”

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Smash Hit Shows!!!

Legend of the Dragon

Legend of the Dragon is an exciting cinematic live showcase, featuring the Monkey King and a unique Chinese Dragon Dance Costume. 

China Gold Acrobats

This is a riveting show featuring a variety of acrobatic acts which may include Kung Fu, Juggling, Dancing, and a Face Changer. 

Shaolin Warriors Live

World renowned for demonstrating some of the most electrifying martial arts movements. These performances are the finest in the world. 

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Official Registration form for the Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu Online Distance Education Course. Our curriculum is an extensive survey of both modern and traditional forms of Chinese Martial Arts. The subscription process may take up to 38 hours to process. For questions,  310 720 6452.


Per Month

  • Starter Course
  • White Belt Course
  • Wushu Fundementals
  • 1 Month Support


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  • Color Belt Levels
  • Shaolin Weapons
  • Wushu Weapons
  • Taiji Quan Course


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  • Includes Everything
  • Advance Course
  • Private Instruction
  • Telephone Support

“Wushu Shaolin Entertainment offers lessons, training, online courses, and is revered in the Entertainment Industry as the leading producer of live Chinese Cultural shows and services for private or corporate entities.

Shows include spectacular LED Dragon Dance Costumes , Traditional LED Lion Dance Costumes, and awe inspring Chinese Artistry featuring the premiere artists in the industry.  

The studio has produced shows in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the Bahamas, and through the United States featuring the premiere Chinese Cultural artists. Please make an appointment to train with us, or to book a show, give us a call today.”

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Wushu Shaolin Entertainment is constantly working. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please let us know. Our support lines are available 24/7 through facebook or over the telephone.


Our services have been featured on behalf of iconic brands, dignitaries, celebrities, and award winning television shows and programs.


Our services are unmatched as the most professional in the Entertainment Industry. Working with the most stunning venues and well known brands.


If you have questions, we have all the answers. Contact us today, by telephone, facebook, instagram, our support lines are open 24hours.